Our family has been oystering in the Chesapeake for four generations. This place is our home. It's our livelihood, and we care fiercely about protecting it.

We can still recall — with some pain — the cost of doing things the wrong way. Decades of over-harvesting nearly wiped out Virginia's wild oyster population in the 1980s, and our family felt the impact of that loss. Today, we are proud to be part of the solution — raising our oysters using state-of-the-art aquaculture techniques that restore the bay, rather than depleting it. 

Our farming operations filter millions of gallons of water each day. They sequester nitrogen and carbon. They create habitat for a host of other marine species, and they relieve pressure from wild shellfish stocks.

Thanks to the efforts of our family and like-minded peers, wild oyster reefs are finally on the rebound in the Chesapeake. We are committed to continuing this momentum and preserving the water that sustains us. It's our hope that, if we get it right, our family's legacy can continue for many more generations — and we can keep bringing you the very finest, sustainably raised seafood — from our bay to your belly.